Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

I’ve been wrestling lately with how we respond as a culture given a common circumstance. That’s simple enough, right? Example, let us reflect simply on a child’s food preference. As a society, it’s acceptable if someone doesn’t like mushrooms, or kale or even cheeseburgers for that matter. Get my drift? Even if the world lovesContinue reading “Eat Your Brussels Sprouts”

Adulting, Instagram & Chronic Nostalgia

It’s been hard at times to remember who I AM. Who God has created me to be. After a year of labels, name calling, hate and gas lighting… mentally it has taken a toll. I don’t write this to worry anybody, I will be fine. God is with me through the fire and I knowContinue reading “Adulting, Instagram & Chronic Nostalgia”

Get your sh*t together, Carol!

It’s been very hard to focus, yet I am forcing myself to continue the renovation that started this past year. For one, the heaviness of the outcome, being unresolved, still makes me emotional. I tell myself over and over again that I did everything that I could to make it all feel worth it. IContinue reading “Get your sh*t together, Carol!”

F*ck It

A few weeks ago I decided to get back in the recording studio, something that pains me and leaves me feeling vulnerable AF. I don’t feel my best when I am in the studio because it doesn’t feel like a safe space due to past experiences. Ahem!¬†I tend to recluse and disappear somewhere inside myContinue reading “F*ck It”


I have let myself become undone. I am vulnerable allowing myself to fall apart, nurtured and rebuilt. ¬†Looking at kindness as my guide and my goal. I am learning how to live my life open, vulnerable, without walls instead of the hyper-vigilance that I once did. My body is forcing me to address the debrisContinue reading “Undone”

A tribute to the dream makers

It was this time last year that DREAM was preparing for our comeback in over 13 years. We had agreed to join the My2K Tour with 98 Degrees, O-Town & Ryan Cabrera. It was scary, exciting and exhilerating. I can’t help but wish we were doing it again. So much that I find myself playingContinue reading “A tribute to the dream makers”