Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

I’ve been wrestling lately with how we respond as a culture given a common circumstance. That’s simple enough, right? Example, let us reflect simply on a child’s food preference. As a society, it’s acceptable if someone doesn’t like mushrooms, or kale or even cheeseburgers for that matter. Get my drift? Even if the world loves meat, it doesn’t mean everyone should eat meat or likes the way it tastes. Some people simply do not eat meat due to conviction and that should be respected.

Let’s take this to a elementary level. We all know it’s common that many do not like the taste of brussels sprouts. A repeat offender of spoiling a good meal for many.

Scene set. A child sits with his parents at dinner and brussels sprouts are served. The child HATES brussels sprouts and has protested it many times.


The child eats the vegetable despite enjoying the taste of it.

Fast forward to his teenage years. We see this same individual trying to make the best decision by eating brussels sprouts despite the fact that they don’t like it. It’s good for them after all, right? But does eating them mean they like brussels sprouts?

No, they have conformed to their environment. They believe what they have been told. I don’t care how many pictures, or emails, etc that you have “showing” that someone enjoyed the Brussel sprouts. It doesn’t prove that they enjoyed it. I don’t care if they’re farm fresh, I don’t care if brussels sprouts usually sell out daily at the farmers market.

Some of us aren’t into it. We’ve NEVER liked it,  we said NO even when the world says it’s the best dish ever.

I passed on that dish before and I reiterate that I still hate that dish. No matter how much you want to tell the world that I liked or actively like it. I DIDN’T AND I STILL DON’T. I even had to change my number because brussels sprouts wouldn’t stop calling. But then again, they/you didn’t believe me the first time.

“No thank you. I don’t like brussels sprouts.”

“What if I put cheese on them?”

“No thank you. I don’t like brussels sprouts.”

Pours cheese on them anyway.


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